What others say ...

“Old beliefs are starting to shift in my life, and I am very grateful for thinking, feeling and living in a more loving and authentic way!”

“Kat held the space in a safe and loving way, which comes out of deep understanding.”

“The meditation has become part of my life! I love it! ”

“I almost don’t recognize my own voice - it is as if someone else is talking to me, someone very close to me - my higher self!”

“I really enjoyed that some shadow-work was part of it, as I think it is crucial to integrate our shadows and learn from them instead of pushing them away.”

Katharina Harnack

Founder / Creator

I am in love with this product!

The meditation fills me up every morning - it boosts my mood, makes me feel excited about the day, feel good about myself and about life. 

It deeply relaxes my nervous system, makes me drop into my pleasure body, and access the subconscious - so that the affirmations create new synapses in my brain and rewrite the script of my life!

It's up to you to decide what you want to focus on, what you want to attract! 
It's time to step into that power - to use this gift - and become the creator of your life!

Claim your dreams! Be it in your work life, love life, soul projects, health, vitality, abundance, trust, purpose, self-love, ...  

Upgrades are waiting for you! 

You are warmly invited to the next round of the Secret Upgrade,
starting on 10 May 2020



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